A grouping of 2005 Decorative Fish Plaque entries.


Working fish decoys 2005 World Champions, left  to right: Benziejo Decoys, Bob Johnson, Tim Spreck.



2005 World Champion of Folk Art Fish Decoys Tim Spreck of Stillwater,MN.



2005 World Champion of Decorative Fish Carvings Dave Arndt of Saginaw, MI.


2005 World Champion of Decorative Working Decoys Bob Johnson of Baxter,MN.


2005 Best Of Show Jigging Stick winner Bob Eck of Plantation,FL.


2005 World Champion of Service Working Fish Decoys Joanne and Fred Campbell, Benzonia, MI.



2005 Flambeau Run Champion Bob Johnson, Baxter,MN


Perennial favorites Sony Bashore (left) and Mike Holmes (right) take their judging duties very seriously